Q: Are Polished Pony’s human hair?

No, our products are a high quality vegan, Japanese synthetic silk called Futura. Making them an affordable and ethical alternative to human hair.

Q: Can I use hot tools on my ponies?

Yes you can! However there’s no need! Our pony’s are pre-styled so you don’t need to use any heat, just a little water and they come out perfectly. If heat is used on our ponies they will not return to their original texture.

Q. Can I wash my ponies?

Absolutely! We recommend a soft, sulphate free shampoo and only wash when necessary.

Q. Can the ponies be dyed?

Unfortunately they can’t sorry!

My pony arrived and it doesn't match! Can I return?

Of course. We'd be happy to help you find your perfect match (or if unavailable) a store credit or refund. Simply email our team at: support@polishedpony.co