Got commitment issues? We’ve got you covered. With ponytail extensions you can change your look, no heat, bleach or damage necessary! So it’s time to break-up with bad hair days. If you’re trying to grow out your hair, ponytails are a beginner-friendly way to get instant long locks without the drama.


    Why synthetic? The benefits of using synthetic fibres instead of human hair are endless. Synthetic hair is an ethical alternative to human hair extensions, which are often sourced from inhumane conditions and are also very expensive. Our ponytails are made from the highest quality Japanese fibres designed to be worn time and time again.


    Another benefit of using synthetic extensions instead of human hair is that they’re pre-styled. So, no need to fuss around with your curling wand, our pony’s are ready to be worn straight out of the box. While our pony’s are heat resistant up to 150 degrees celsius, we recommend keeping them as is for the best results.

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a letter from our founder

Polished Pony Co. was inspired by my time working a 9-5 in the fashion industry. I spent so much time heat-styling my frizzy, wavy hair to make sure I felt 'put-together' and confident.

Sick of damaging my hair with the straightening iron, I fell in love with how easy and flawless ponytail extensions were to use and how undetectable they looked. Perfect hair everyday with minimal effort? Magic.

Above all else, I loved how ponytail extensions assisted my self-expression and the ability to change up my look quickly without any commitment.

That's why I started Polished Pony Co. I want to help you feel your most beautiful and confident, no matter your personal brand of femininity.

x Rhi

  • ★★★★★

    I love the quality of the product and the hair is amazing! It looks and feels so natural, is easy to wear and I feel soo feminine, sophisticated, powerful and beautiful wearing it! A high-end item. Thank you so much and I got a lot of adoring compliments wearing it!

    - Shona 
  • ★★★★★

    I truly, didn't think it was possible to buy a vegan pony extension that felt SO incredibly real without it being real human hair. Talk about checking ALL of my boxes. It's great to know I can save time (and damage) styling my hair and support an ethically sourced product. BRAVO!! You've found a new pony addict.

    - Kimba 
  • ★★★★★

    I am SO amazed by this product! It looks and feels so realistic, and truly adds to every look. I love having my hair up but have always avoided ponytails as I thought my hair looked too thin….. Never again!! This is not just an accessory, but a complete confidence booster!!

    - Georgia 
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