our story

Polished Pony Co. was inspired by my time working a 9-5 in the fashion industry. I spent so much time heat-styling my frizzy, wavy hair to make sure I felt 'put-together' and confident.

Sick of damaging my hair with the straightening iron, I fell in love with how easy and flawless ponytail extensions were to use and how undetectable they looked. Perfect hair everyday with minimal effort? Magic.

Above all else, I loved how ponytail extensions assisted my self-expression and the ability to change up my look quickly without any commitment. 

That's why I started Polished Pony Co. I want to help you feel your most beautiful and confident, no matter your personal brand of femininity.



    I wear the Girl Next Door Ponytail the most! I chose this style for our first launch because it's our most undetectable for everyday wear.


    I wear the shade 'Auburn' most frequently but I can also match 'Strawberry'.